Awards Cybermintz's Vids Have Won

Thank you to the judges/web users who voted for my vid's.

These mean a great deal.

Wolfram & Hart Awards Wolfram & Hart Awards

Happyme made me enter all of these awards. The Wolfram And Hart Awards are scary 'cause they give out worst awards.

The Rogue Awards

Quote snurched from Rogue Videos:

"Why: THIS VIDEO IS DIRRRRRTY. Talk about evil. The Count from Sesame Street was such a perv. Cybermintz shows lots of....(humping?) and it is hilarious. Great editing effects make this video one that you should definitely have on your hard drive. Cybermintz you're sooo bad."

Butchered Awards

I made this video for Happyme. It is her favourite of mine, but my most difficult to make. It means a lot to us both that "Say Something" received an award.


Magick 8 Ball Awards


This vid' was also made for Happyme.

I was pleased to win Best Comedy.

Summers' Key Awards
Summers' Key Awards
Summers' Key Awards
Wow. I'm especially pleased that Damaged won an award. Thank you



Quote snurched from Touched My Soul:
Spike loves to count and we love watching him count… *smirk*

I had a brief warning that this vid would be hilarious, because suddenly my both co-judges started the crazy talk in AIM and something about spiders and carve webs and candles and their usual *har har* or *gnihihi* got replaced with ‘ha! ha! ha!’ BUT I was so not prepared for the vid itself!

And god, what a ridiculous genius vid! It got an impact on myself, suddenly I hummed that tune and this is annoying as hell and all HappyMes and Cybermintz’ fault, but who can blame them? ‘Song of the count’ is the funniest piece of vidding we saw in a long time, just spot on and with an absolute brilliant concept and an idea that is so unique and perfectly sophisticated that you break down chuckling till your sides hurt. Go watch it for yourself and laugh your ass off, I don’t want to give away to much, but the NC-17 warning is the big plus and key part of the vid! Pure adult fun… One, two, three, four, heyayaya! We love counting!

Touch My Soul Video Awards

Wolfram & Hart Awards


The Fluffy Spuffy Awards



Sword and Stake Awards

Best Innovation:
"The Song of the Count",

Buffy Roks Video AwardsBuffy Roks Video Awards