Silver Earth
A Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off set in Cornwall (UK)

Into The Storm

It should have been a relaxing weekend in the countryside for Rupert Giles, a chance to regain clarity after leaving the States. His plans change when he encounters Del Pridwyn the matriarch of a local weird, feared and slandered family. Something is driving the subterrestrials from their otherworldly home and Del needs Rupert‘s help to defeat the monster before it devours her friends.

Books and Blood

Rupert Giles agrees to spend a week with Jago and Del Pridwyn. As he gets to know the rest of the family he becomes increasingly concerned with their interest in the more ancient and powerful forms of magic.

With The Fairies

Chapter 3

Silver Earth Chapters 1x01 - 1x08 Draft Copy in a pdf document.