Cybermintz's Vid's From Other Television And Film Series

As Buffy and Angel have now ended, I am going to start doing vid's from other TV and film series. Those of you who downloaded my last mystery vid' will know that I have started to do Babylon 5.

Meantime, if you are all Buffied out, why not take a trip over to my sister's side of the site to have a look at her Farscape vid's.

Afer Ventus
Enya - Shepherd Moons - (13.5 MB)

I love this vid' despite its technical imperfections, but Happyme does not like it. (That's not actually true sis'. I just think I'd appreciate it more if I knew some Latin, but, hey you've placed the translation here so I'll check it out - Happyme.)

My interpretation of the translation of the song is that it is about the wonders of the sky and stars and about how one day everyone will have a chance to travel into space. One of the lines goes something like "remember Earth life, remember brevity" - which some people have translated as "remember life is Earth born, remember it is brief".

My Immortal
Evanescence - Fallen - (12.3 MB)

Star Wars episodes IV-VI. From Princess Leia's point of view, about how she has given everything to support the men in her life despite being "along all along".