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Savage Garden - Affirmation (album) (14.5 MB)
I have tried to include all the regular members of the season six and seven BTVS cast. Some of the clips go a little screwy towards the end - it's either a codec problem or my processor having a nervous breakdown. This vid' is a good example of how not to use transitions - but I had to try them just to prove that I can use them, I just don't, well, most of the time I don't.

Almost Unreal
Roxette - Greatest Hits, Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus (14.8 MB)
One of two great songs by the King and Queen of mid 1990's power pop. I wanted to do a Willow/Tara vid' because I believe their tender yet tragic love affair is under represented in the vidding community.

Barbie Girl
Aqua - Aquarium (6.9 MB)
Aqua reminded us that music was supposed to be fun, as well as thought provoking, challenging and entertaining. This song is about Spike and the Buffybot. Many thanks to the makers of PSP7 tubes for providing the effects.

Bed Of Nails
Alice Cooper - Hell Is (7.5 MB)
A study of the more disturbing aspects of the Buffy/Spike relationship. The end sequence is pure shock-value. Over 18s only.

Being Nobody
Richard X Vs Liberty X - Being Somebody (10.7 MB)
There ain 't nobody that does it better than Spike... it just happened so naturally that Buffy did not know it was love. I found this song really easy to vid'. A celebration of all things Spuffy.

Plumb - CandyCoatedWaterDrops (12 MB)
A beautiful song about the damage caused by an abusive relationship and the difficulties in getting close to someone. I first vidded this song back in November 2002. This version has been updated using season seven footage.

Goodnight Sweet Girl
Ghost Of The Robot - Mad Brilliant (9.53 MB)
I've had to cut the song, so you're missing out on some great soloing from Charlie DeMars.

It Must Have Been Love
Roxette - Greatest Hits, Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus (8.46 MB)
It seems that if Buffy, Xander, Willow or Giles get a partner, the Grim Reaper will soon be making a house call. A Xander/Anya video, set to one of the greatest love songs ever written.

La Donna E Mobile
Verdi - Rigoletto - Bulgarian Radio Orchestra (5.9 MB)
The title translates as "woman is fickle" . This video is from Spike's point of view and chronicles his disastrous relationships with women. It is a comedy video, but at the same time you can't help but feel sorry for the poor blood sucking fiend.

Last Thing On My Mind
Steps - Gold Greatest Hits (9.59 MB)
This vid' is dedicated to all you Riley/Buffy 'shippers out there - if there are any Ruffy 'shippers out there. They were so good together. It's such a shame that they split up. I should have known it was all over for them when they released their Greatest Hits album...

My Last Breath
Evanescence - Fallen (12.2 MB)
Just what the world needs - another Buffy Evanescence vid'. Spike/Buffy.
Over 30 layers were used to make this one.

Only A Heartbeat
T'pau - Greatest Hits (15.4 MB)
One of the best things to come out of the 1980s was T'pau - and the fall of several totalitarian governments. T'pau succeeded in capturing the spirit of that era in a song that combines a heavy march with ethnic vocal elements as if to represent the human spirit triumphing over dictatorship. This vid' is about the Potentials/Slayers.

Say Something
Haven - Between The Senses (8.84 MB)
Happyme would not stop begging me until I vidded this song. It was a very difficult song to vid'. Another vid' from Spike's point of view, set during the episode Lies My Parents Told Me. It deals with Spike's self-loathing and anger when he realizes that he will only hurt the woman that he loves.

The Song of The Count
The Count - Sesame Street (4.9 MB)
Happyme found the song, the vid' was found in a tin can on 9mm film in the remains of Sunnydale, California. It is very, very smutty indeed. When Happyme put this in her free web space it was so popular that the monthly bandwidth allowance was exceeded within a day (sorry about that sis').

Two Princes
The Spin Doctors - Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (5.5 MB)
Vidlet. Cute look at the some of the men in Buffy's life. Riley free. Very edited version of the song.

Alanis Morrissette - Under Rug Swept (15.5 MB)
I really thought that it was all over for Alanis but she returned with a brilliant third album. The vid' is from Buffy's point of view and is her tribute to Spike's bravery in the face of adversarial forces that she represents.

The Spike Who Loved Me
Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better - The Best Of Bond (10.8 MB)
This vid contains some sexy scenes so it is not suitable for younger viewers. Happyme had some input into this vid’ because her own computer had a graphics card problem.

These Dreams
Heart - Heart (album) (14.9 MB)
This is a Buffy/Angel vid'. I had to do one rather than risk the wrath of the Bangel fans. These Dreams by Heart is one of my all time favourite songs, it's a true classic. I'm surprised that no other fan has done a Bangel vid' to These Dreams, because it fits seasons two and three so perfectly.

Darren Hayes - The Tension And The Spark (10.5 MB)
Created March 2005. Spike/Buffy.

What You Like
Darren Hayes - Spin (17.7 MB)
Spin is Darren's first solo album and it rocks! What You Like was the first song that I vidded; like Damaged it has been revised. I am glad that I no longer buy audio tapes, because I have played the CD so many times that a tape would have worn out by now.

Mystery Vid' #2
Any Artist - Any Genre (about 15 MB)
Do you love surprises? Here's one for you. The Mystery Vid' is one that I'm less happy with, for one reason or another. I will be changing the Mystery Vid' every time I update the site.


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