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Vidder Sites

alter-idem - Lithium Doll - Chocolatyshatnr Productions - FieryHands' Lair - Farscape Connection - LTG - prowlersrus - More Light - Ndenial Studios - Sassy Kitten JrMissToughChickVids

Vidder Award/Resource Sites

Buffy Music Video Database Magick 8 Ball Award The Buffinator Award
The Good Fight Awards Summer's Key Awards THe Rogue Awards
Poetry In Motion Touch My Soul Awards Spanfuffy Awards
The Wild Awards Cookie Dough Awards The Haunted Awards
VideoElite Farscape Fantasy THE SHOWTIME AWARDS

AngryBlue - main title font
Cocaine Sans - links text and main body flourishes
Hybrid Genesis - main body texture brush
Squidfingers - background texture
Splatter brushes are from unknown sources.
(Please contact if they are yours so that I can provide credit.)