Babylon 5  
What About Everything? What About Everything?
October 2005
Bit tricky with the music this one. The song - one of my favourites - is by Carbon Leaf - highly recommended. The vid is based around Sheridan, but contains spoilers for the series, movies, Crusade (and the Technomage books if you're sharp).

April 2004
I wanted to make something that was really "off the wall" with this one.

The song is "Dracula From Houston" by the Butthole Surfers.

Full OF Grace Full Of Grace (Farscape Fantasy)
March 2004
Spoilers only up to episode 3x22.The song is by Sarah McLachlan. It can be found on the album Surfacing which is really good and has some of her best songs.

My thanks to Dallascaper for hosting this one.
Here With Me Here With Me
December 2004 & May 2005
Made at Cybermintz's suggestion. Aeryn and Aeryn/John video. Angsty, shippy. Explores a little of her PK past. The song is by Plumb.
In The Middle

In The Middle (Farscape Fantasy)
October 2004

This is probably my favourite vid' of mine so far. I totally let myself go wild in the editing of this one. The song lends itself to that. It is very fast-paced. The song is by the Sugababes.

Scape City

Scape City
June 2005

This one came together whilst I was waiting for Sin City to arrive in the local cinema. It is based on the audio of the film's trailer. Total parody, but fun.

The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour
May 2005
Crichton's POV. John and Aeryn angst and danger.

The Reason

The Reason (Farscape Fantasy)
For SETI_fan
May & October 2004
John & Aeryn (again).


The World Is Stone (Updated)
February & October 2004

The vid' focuses on Aeryn in the aftermath of John Crichton's death. Sung by Cyndi Lauper.


August 2004
Fast-paced Spike character video. The themes are, I suppose, how he screwed up his life/afterlife and the consequences of his relationship with Buffy.

The song (a piece of delicious pop) is by Snow Patrol and is from their (IMHO) excellent album Final Straw.

Take Me Away

Take Me Away
For Spikesbint
September 2004.

Video about Buffy. It's rather angsty and is about the struggles she has faced and her need to share the burden of being "the" Slayer.

The song is by Avril Lavigne.


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